Qatar's Most Acclaimed Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Wake up to a delicious hot breakfast at Kadavu and choose from many of our healthy options and have a great start for your day.

Lunch & Dinner

Looking for a comforting, warm dish that still passes the healthy meal test? Try out hearty warm lunch and dinner menu. 

Juice & Snacks

Need a quick, filling, mouthwatering, crispy snack? Try some of our very own traditional snacks that bring you back the feel of home.


Authentic Kadavu Rich Biryani

Whole chicken fulfilled in long rice biryani with unique blend of Kerala spices wrapped in bread and stuffed with Quail Eggs & Meat Balls.


Kadavu's BBQ

Firing up an authentic barbecue experience, Kadavu’s slow-roasts and smokes all its meaty mains with a secret blend of seasoning and dips. Feast on chicken and meat seasoned in special Arabic and Indian spices, and doused in a variety of BBQ sauces.  We have our Kadavu's special platter, which is fit for sharing, or for those of you who are very, very hungry.


Relish the divine taste of Malabar Cuisine

Malabar cuisine is a blend of Arabia, Zamorin and Chirakkal styles of preparing food, unique to the region spanning from Kasargod to Malappuram in Kerala. It's heaven for a food lover, offering some of the tastiest dishes that Kerala has to offer. Using the commonly available ingredients (fish, prawns & crustaceans aplenty from the sea and rice, plantains and coconut from the land), we have a wide variety of dishes ranging from options for breakfast to tea time snacks.